"There Is No Finish Line" is Joanie's mission to inspire people to be active and eat healthy. Joanie has partnered with Hannaford Supermarkets to celebrate the efforts of everyday people who have shared inspiring stories of improving their health, and who truly define this mission.

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The MotoPicker’s TV series follows the journey of a bartender turned motorcycle artist and his small team of “independents” working day and night to turn their passion of building vintage motorcycles into a business.

From rural backcountry to the city streets, the MotoPickers crew uncovers & rebuilds forgotten, vintage bikes. One part thrifty Yankee, one part vintage artist, they design, build and put history back on the road. With any luck they make a buck and get one step closer to their dream

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RESTORIC: Restoration Meets History

A house with a colorful history on the tipping edge of being potentially lost forever. Restoric documents those properties that fall into the category of “I would love to save it, but…”. These are houses that have somehow escaped the wrecking ball and dumpster for generations and in some cases may be the last of kind in its neighborhood.

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Man vs. Weather goes behind the scenes to capture the stories of the front line weather heroes, as they prepare, deploy and engage in the weather challenges of mother nature.

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From adrenaline sports to expedition adventures, the Emmy award winning World of Adventure Sports captures the world's greatest events and behind the scenes stories that reveal the passion of those who play to the edge.

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