World of Adventure Sports - the Wide World of Sports programming concept updated for the new generation of adventure and action sports.

From adrenaline sports to expedition adventures, the Emmy award winning World of Adventure Sports captures the world's greatest events and behind the scenes stories that reveal the passion of those who play to the edge.

Teva Mountain Games

Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Score Baja 1000

North Face Expeditions

· Only Network TV Series Dedicated to Adventure Sports - 8 Years on Network TV
·  Coverage on NBC, NBC Sportsnet, Universal Sports & Comcast Sports
·  Multiple Emmy recipient & nominee
·  Branded Content Positioning in Authentic & Relevant Settings
·  Special Features & Host Positions for Brand Partners

The World of Adventure Sports was developed by Rory Strunk (GCP) & Rufus Frost (Aura360). Series production produced & managed by Aura360 in association with NBC Sports.

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