Restoration Meets History

A house with a colorful history on the tipping edge of being potentially lost forever. Restoric documents those properties that fall into the category of “I would love to save it, but…”. These are houses that have somehow escaped the wrecking ball and dumpster for generations and in some cases may be the last of kind in its neighborhood.

Decision Process – The series documents the pros and cons of the crucial decisions made between builder and homeonwner dealing with rehab.

Colorful Characters – The very nature of the rehab is constant drama …a home owner with a dream, a passionate builder, the quirky tradesman either roll with the punches or they don’t!

History – The backstory of the building adds to the storytelling and the significance of why saving the house is both honor and a mission.

Tides Edge Cottage:

Built in 1905, “tides edge cottage” overlooking four lighthouses and the entrance to the Portland Harbor Ship Channel. The cottage was originally built by a turn of the century Portland developer. The cottage is remarkably unchanged from the day it was built, standing on wooden posts, no insulation, floor to ceiling bead board, the classic reading porch and of course windows and walls that howl the storms of the sea.

Document Start to Finish March to September

-Social Media series with strategic national promotion via print and on-line media partnerships
-9 months of content & 70 plus webisodes
-Brand specific features with short stories that document all the key product decisions – brand gets ownership of content
-Social Media contests that engage consumers in voting and involvement in key decisions
-Builder with Social Media Experience – Steve Malcom of Knickerbocker Group*


Casestudy* - Steve Malcom was featured I 2012 in HG’s Blog Cabin web series. The Blog Cabin series proved the draw of a rehab of a classicMaine Farm House has both local and national interest with over 130,000 video downloads.

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