Man vs. Weather goes behind the scenes to capture the stories of the front line weather heroes, as they prepare, deploy and engage in the weather challenges of mother nature.

Compelling Stories - Weather Events can dominate weeks of media coverage yet the behind-the-scenes stories of the weather heroes are rarely featured.

Inspiration - The weather crews often work for days without sleep to battle the elements. We capture their stories of struggle and triumph.

Timely – Weather events produce huge spikes in on-line viewing. Our stories hit air while weather event is still a national headline.

Multi-media – Social Media Series with scalable TV extensions – pre committed media partners include AccuWeather & NBC/Comcast.

Marketing Extensions

- Product Demo & Testimonials

- Carefully selected stories enable us to provide brand integration and demo product to the crew for usage within the storyline

- Product Testimonials are filmed during coverage periods and used for additional content for Tools & Gear section on the website

- ManVsWeather Story of the Year – Owned by Lead Partner

- Create monthly contest that inspires submission of ManversusWeather Stories

- Monthly Winners with prizes provided by supporting partners

- ManVsWeather – Branded Sponsored “Call to Action” for volunteers or weather workers

-Example: New England Patriots needed to find 300 workers to help dig out foot and half of snow from 77,000 seats before the Jets Playoff Game

-Example: Portland Maine issue PR requests for volunteers to help local fire department dig snow from thousands city fire hydrants

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