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Global Content Partners specializes in content development, strategy and production of original TV series, social media and branded content programming. Our clients are networks, brands and agencies and in many cases it's a partnership with all three.

Global Content Partners team has been producing for 3 decades programming, branded content and social media for entertainment companies, advertising agencies, brands, US Government agencies and education.  Our core strengths are focused on content strategies, ideation of content concepts, and content development from casting to final production. We have built entire TV networks from the ground up, created Emmy winning network sports programming, award winning Government films and used our foundation in Film/TV entertainment to create successful brand lead social media campaigns.

Our success in 2012 includes a growing list of social media specific clients across the business categories of Auto, Airline, Grocery, Liquor and Pro Athletes. Here is snap shot of our team and our client projects.

Capturing the night sky at United Airlines HQ, Chicago

Jeep "Thank You" Video and the Jeep Marketing Team

Womenʼs Marathon Olympic Gold Medalist Joan Benoit Samuelson & Hannaford Supermarkets, Food & Fitness Tips


Rory Strunk - Managing Director of Global Content Partners

Expertise: Working with clients, agencies and program distributors to build programming platforms that deliver against client objectives. One of the innovators of branded content programming before it was referred to as branded content as the founder of Resort Sports Network. Rory brings industry partnerships to next level by advancing compelling content platforms with strategic partnerships that include brand partnerships and media partnerships.

Steve Grubbs – Media Consultant/Global Partner

Expertise: Served as CEO of PHD USA NA and lead several divisions of OmniCom managing teams specializing in media buying, branded content entertainment, content creation and sport consultancy. Steve is our mentor, our critic and our networker. He helps the Global team connect and build relationships with top brands and best in class distribution partners.

Blake Miller – Creative Director

Expertise: Film maker/Musician, Blake applies unique combination of skills to creating content that comes to life in sound, words and images. Blake’s goal with every film is to find the most exciting way to visually tell a story and effectively connect with its audience. To us Blake is the professor … a wealth of experience & knowledge and gifted way of working with people and clients.

Jay Brown – Content & Casting Director/Social Zeitgiest

Expertise: Passion to dive into any theme with full gusto, Jay is gifted both behind the camera, in the edit and finding just the right people to deliver the goods on camera. As our Social Zeitgeist, Jay leads our internal team at creating a portfolio of content assets that are deployed to support each specific client project. Jay is our Mr Smooth…keeping things real and sincere

Paul Mihailoff – Digital Media Producer

Expertise: One Part Musician, One Part Gamer, One Part Artist, Paul is the guy that not only can design, animate and create music but he can build both the hardware and software from lost game boy parts to reinvent the design process. Paul’s our MacGyver … he can figure out solution to just about anything by turning problems into art.

Todd Burgess – Digital Images & Location Scout

Expertise: A passion for landscapes, characters and finding just the right setting. Todd is a key part of our digital image team and goes to every length to find and source the perfect settings for storytelling. We call him the Go Getter!

Rob Aukerman - Content Director – Visual Story Telling Expertise:

Specialize in animation, illustration, storyboarding, scripting and film production. Rob has a unique set of skills to elevate the storytelling and image impact both before the cameras roll and during the edit of the final feature. Robbie is a big kid that loves to create things that make people laugh.

Randy Pfizenmaier - Digital Image Specialist

Expertise: Capturing the Image at the Moment! Digital motion and still image content creation for social media, broadcast and print. Randy brings the art of still photography to social media coverage with a keen sense of setting, designing and creating images that capture the core themes and characters. Randy is a perfectionist that thrives in the little details of taking things from good to great.

Coming 2013, social media comedy series for Pernod Ricard, USA, “D.S.I - Drink Spill Investigation”


Global team with UAL CEO Jeffery A. Smisek at Unitedʼs new HQ.

Coming 2013, MotoPickers, behind the scenes with a barn fresh pick.

Awards & Industry Recognition:  

2012 – 2 Nominations for our work with Chrysler for Internet Advertising Competition Award for Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.
2011 – Winner of the Society for American Archaeology Film Fest

2011 – Emmy Nomination for World of Adventure Sports

2011 and 2003 – Winner of Best Documentary and also Best Public Relations/Educational Program at the National Association of Government Communicators Blue Pencil & Gold Screen Awards.

2010 – Regional Emmy Nomination for TD Sponsored TV Special – Maine Lobster Chef of the Year on NESN


2007 – Emmy for World of Adventure Sports
1995, 1993, 1983 – 3 time winner of the International Ski Films Festival



Just Another Day on the Job – Snap Shots from the Crew

Rory “I got your back Spiderman”  - Sears Tower

Blake & Rory – Good thing these guys don’t run the flight routes

Jay – Anything to get the shot

Our Drink Spill Investigators – Having no fun after a long day shooting

Todd – Always an eye out for ladies with sneakers

Hair Club for Men Buffing Wand

Will Thomas – Yikes!

Rory – My Easy Rider Schwin

Scott – Praying to the Beer Gods

Piper & Caroline – Joan Benoit Samuelson’s Support Team

Scott & Mike – Belly Up

Blake relaxing with his pet Yeti

Robbie – AKA the Yeti that loves Budweiser& Hot Tubs

Scott – Pray for more time or more beer

Todd - High on life

Rory Strunk -
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